Product Description

Simply The Best Two-Wheel Farmbike Available

New Zealand farm bike riders deserve a modern agricultural bike that is practical, versatile and prepared to go the distance, no matter how tough the request. Kawasaki enlisted engineers and farmers to help design and test the Stockman. With this local background the Stockman has proved appealing to a variety of agricultural and pastoral users, from those just discovering all-terrain-riding to experienced ag-bike riders looking to extend their operating range.

Developed and tested to meet the wide variety of demands of the diverse farm operating environment, the Kawasaki Stockman delivers robust ag-bike performance while retaining tremendous reliability and ridability. Extending the renowned trekking capabilities of the base Super Sherpa model, the Stockman is designed to be equally at home on high country stations, rugged mountain ranges, forest, wide open plains, undulating pastures or wet boggy areas.

With a steering angle reminiscent of a trials bike, the Stockman is ideal in low-speed hillside situations calling for rider balance and finesse. Good ground clearance helps avoid bottoming when traversing ruts, drainage ditches, negotiating rocky ground, stumps or slogging through boggy ground.

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